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middle of July

This post expired on July 18, 2015.

How Hot and Dry it is—- in case anyone has not noticed! The ponds are getting low, the grass has pretty much browned, and the heat is taking it’s toll on everyone and everything! Even though the vegetables have irrigation, they do not pollinate and produce when the weather is this hot. Animals struggle to survive the heat and certainly do not gain. Fall and cooler weather is certainly welcome to come early!
On the bright side – we had 3 new baby calves this past week. All three Dairy cows gave birth – and they are keeping their cool by lounging in the big pond or the shade in the heat of the day. The babies are tucked away under a shade tree to wait out the heat. Then come evening and early mornings they are romping about enjoying being babies – discovering those new legs and all the wonders of the world! So cute to watch. Gary and I are so privileged to be witness to these great miracles every day.
The beef supply is very low – we are taking a waiting list for halves and quarters on the beef. We do have a few nice cuts left – some great steaks, a little ground, and some roasts left. With the drought and low grass supplies, it will take a while to get more to proper weight – and we cut no corners on great beef!
Chicken is in plentiful supply. The chicken spend their days lounging in the cooler woods this time of year, and the heat does not affect them as much. Whole birds, stewing birds, and numerous cuts (ie: boneless skinless breasts, legs, boneless thighs, wings etc) are waiting to provide your family with a great healthy meal! (FYI – it takes 2-3 years to produce a beef – about 8 weeks for a chicken.
If you don’t see what you want give us a call – sometimes we don’t get everything listed! – Besides we would love to visit with you! Donna will be at the Ponca City Farmers Market again this Saturday – so meet her there- order in advance if you wish – and she can deliver at the market!
Keep cool, pray for rain, and take care – Gary and Tera