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First of August 2012

This post expired on August 02, 2015.

Rain Rain Please Come!!! Pretty hard to grow grassfed beef when there is no grass! — As evidenced by our waiting list for beef.

But lets talk chicken — those little guys are still doing great down in the woods and we have a plentiful supply of healthy chicken – We have featured out 20# bundle (approx.4-6 birds – “rounded to the nearest bird”) of whole chickens this week for only $89.00. A good time to stock up.

I actually ate at someone else’s house the other day – and they had chicken – unfortunately I had to smother it in barbeque sauce to get it down – you just don’t know what you are missing until you get spoiled to the good stuff! To say nothing about the health benefits. Than I ate at another relative’s house and they had ham – all I could think of was that little piggy spent his life in a confinement crate in miserable conditions – really spoiled my appetite.

The gardens are really suffering through the heat. Although we have irrigation the production is not there. Everything is pretty much played out right now. We will plan for fall plantings – in fact we just put out 250 pumpkin transplants – this time of year we have to sprout inside the house and transplant as it is too hot for the seeds to sprout outside – makes alot of extra work. However we will persevere – the essential element if you are going to farm!

And just when I was about to throw in the towel on farming (the day we lost ALOT of turkeys and chickens to the unrelenting heat) – I took a walk down in the pasture to find a wonderful surprise – a newborn miniature foal – pure white – I could never give up and take that great paying job in town!

Everyone take care – and take the time to realize and cherish the miracles around you!

Tera and Gary