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Middle of August

This post expired on August 17, 2015.

Maybe the heat is breaking a little!? We certainly hope so. The cattle seem a little more comfortable and the 2 new baby miniature horses are running circles around themselves trying out those spindly legs in the fresh morning air. Life on the farm is great!
The veggies have pretty much laid low in this heat. Still getting a little summer squash but that is about all. The cooler weather is getting us out planting some fall crops – now the race to beat Jack Frost!

The supply of chicken is great – all raised completely free ranging with free choice organic NON GMO grains. We just got notice the price of our chicken ration will raise 30% with our next order – so we have decided not to raise more chicken this fall – hoping the price will come back down by spring. We will be taking our last batch to the processor on Tuesday – 600 birds – and will have a good supply to last a few months. Our chicken is also now available in Tulsa at the new Cimmarron Beef Company Store in the Walnut Creek Shopping Center – thier Grand Opening is Tuesday. Find Jeff and tell him Tera sent you! They have quite a store – check it out – he even makes his own deli meats!

The supply of beef is dwindling. A few cuts left – and we will continue to take orders for 1/2 and 1/4. Since we raise beef the “right” way – on grass – it has been hard to finish out beef with no rain = no grass!

Our family has been enjoying the bounty of Daisy Mae – she shares so nicely – along with feeding a multitude of “foster calves” she is keeping our family supplied with milk, cream, butter, all kinds of cheeses, etc. Wish we could sell it so everyone can enjoy the great taste and health of REAl milk products, but those crazy laws! Sorry – just had to brag – was not very nice of me – huh? We can sell “Pet Milk”.

We have so many people interested in eating healthy local foods – just wish we could keep up with demand for our products! Please understand we are working on increasing our supplies of all products. It is a challenging process -especially with the Oklahoma weather at times!

-EDUCATIONAL/MENTORING GROUP——- We also get alot of questions on how to eat better – healthy – sustainable – and economical. American Heritage Family Farm is addressing these questions/concerns by development of an online EDUCATIONAL/MENTORING group. We will send more information about this group soon – so watch your e-mail. And since we want to get the word out to as many people as possible we are asking for your help – please pass the word – get all your friends and family to sign up for an account on our site – as this is the e-mail group who will get notice of our FREE pilot offering.

Take time to smell the roses – Enjoy the beauty of nature!

Tera and Gary