American Heritage Family Farm is a small family owned and operated farm in the North Central part of Oklahoma. Founded by Gary Moyer MD – a medical doctor who understands the connection between healthy lifestyle choices and healthy bodies, and Tera Biaggi LCSW – a mental health therapist who understands the relationship between healthy mind and body – created the farm to support their own health desires for REAL FOOD. The farm now partners with Tracie Wyatt, a local chef and holistic nutritionist. Tracie provides cutting edge nutritional coaching and cooking classes to enhance our farm community in reaching their goals in healthy eating.

Gary and Tera started with a desire to produce most if not all of their own food, as they wanted quality, clean, humanely produced food that was as good for the soul as it was for the body. They enjoy growing so much their production has increased and they now offer the excess to others who appreciate the best Mother Nature has to offer. The farm offers grass fed, free range meats, vegetables, and artisan items that make life more enjoyable and allow a more sustainable life in tune with Mother Nature. They grow and provide for animals the way Mother Nature intended. If Mother Nature did not intend for an animal to eat it -they do not. No chemicals, hormones, growth stimulants, etc. Vegetables are grown naturally with no pesticides or synthetic fertilizers. The farm specializes in old fashioned Heritage and NON-GMO products.

Poultry have a free choice buffet of grains in addition to pastures. This is necessary to meet their dietary requirements. Grains are NON GMO, balanced with important minerals and natural probiotics, and contain no animal bi-products.

Animals are grown on pastures, never in confinement. Our livestock are treated humanely and with respect from birth to processing. They are processed in a family owned and operated Animal Welfare Approved Processing Facility, which has awards for exceptional food handling practices and is also USDA certified.

American Heritage Family Farm now carries products from other Oklahoma Producers as well as our own, on our ordering site. This allows our customers access to more locally grown products and also helps fellow small farmers market thier products as well. This is a win-win situation for all! Helping each other out is what it is all about!

American Heritage Family Farm invite everyone to get to know us and become part of our farm community. We will keep you updated on happenings at the farm through this site, as well as informed about the week’s offerings from the farm. We encourage sustainable living, helping each other, and caring for our planet together!

Please drop us a line and introduce yourself – we love to hear from you – tell us a little about yourself – and how we can help you access REAL FOOD and make HEALTHY LIFESTYLE CHOICES!