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Happy Fall to All!! The refreshing weather is certainly welcome – now if we could only get some rain.

Our supply of grassfed meats are low – no grass = no grassfed meats unfortunately. Our beef supply is completely depleted and has been for some time. We had to sell of most of the herd as there is no winter wheat pasture or reasonably priced hay to tide them over winter due to the drought conditions. Consequently we are not even taking advance orders at this time as we are unsure when we may be able to build the herd back up.

We have a few lamb kabobs left and the poultry supply is adequate for the time being. We will not be raising more poultry this fall as GMO FREE feed prices have rocketed up 45% and our pastures are depleted of green growing things. We do have a fair supply in storage at this time – but when they are gone they are gone! We will make a decision come spring whether/when we will start poultry production back up – depends on feed prices and that depends on rain.

We have put the garden beds to rest for the winter and Gary and I have returned to more off farm work for the time being.

We have suspended ordering on the site due to a lack of available products at this time. We do invite everyone to call or e-mail if there is anything we can help them with in the meantime.

Please pray for rain – and hope to resume supplying great healthy local foods come spring – Gary and Tera